Airborne fungal spores

Airborne Fungal Spore Analysis Course!

Learn To Analyze Airborne Fungal Spores And Become A Spore Analyst!

Airborne fungal spore analysis is a comprehensive training course for airborne fungal spore identification. The only course you'll ever need to master fungal spore sampling, identification, enumeration and data interpretation

Airborne fungal spore identification is one of the most commonly requested test in the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. Airborne fungal spore analysis (a.k.a spore-trap analysis) provides valuable data on spore types and their concentration. This spore-trap analysis together with visual inspection help investigators solve important indoor air quality issues and make important decisions regarding remediation of affected environments. The purpose of this course is to help participants develop the competence to accurately identify and enumerate the wide variety of airborne spore types and differentiate them from other biological and non-biological particles.

This course is designed to help fungal spore analysts learn necessary skills including: air sampling methods, sampling protocols, sample preparation, spore identification, counting procedures, conversions to concentration per cubic meter of air and proper reporting methods. Though the course is designed for beginners, it will greatly help those who have analyzed spores for a few months to a year to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. Air sampling will focus on Air-O-Cells and other impaction-type spore traps.

Upon completion of the Fungal Spore Sampling, Identification, Enumeration and Data Interpretation course, participants will have the necessary skills to prepare samples for analysis, accurately count and identify a variety of spore types, and calculate airborne spore concentrations. These skills will be useful for those intending to analyze, monitor, or study indoor or outdoor airborne fungal spore concentrations. The course is also useful to environmental consulting firms that would like to set up in-house fungal identification laboratories.

Airborne Fungal Spores

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Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:
  1. Differentiate Zygomycetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes
  2. Describe the lifecycle, modes of transport, reproduction, and methods of dispersal of fungal spores.
  3. Differentiate indoor-relevant and outdoor-relevant genera
  4. Describe the health effects that may result from exposure to airborne fungal spores.
  5. Sample air for airborne fungal spores
  6. Calibrate microscopes for fungal spore measurements and enumeration
  7. Identify, categorize and enumerate various types of airborne fungal spores.
  8. Differentiate fungal spores from non-fungal spores
  9. Interpret fungal spore data
  10. Practice hands-on application of acquired knowledge within the course, with the availability of expert assistance.

Topics covered in the course

The Airborne Fungal Spore Sampling, Identification, Enumeration and Data Interpretation Course has 8 topics and each topic has its own quiz. The 8 topics are:
  1. Important Groups Of Indoor Fungi
  2. Equipment and Other Materials
  3. Air Sampling For Fungal Spores
  4. Sample Handling
  5. How to identify fungal spores
  6. How to Analyze Non-viable Samples
  7. How to Report Analytical Results
  8. How To Interpret Laboratory Reports

Who might benefit from Airborne Fungal Spore Sampling, Identification, Enumeration and Data Interpretation course?

You may benefit from this course if you are:
  • A company considering starting their own in-house laboratory
  • A laboratory analyst
  • A person considering aerobiology as a career
  • A micronbiologist who would like to start their own lab
  • An industrial hygiene consultant who would like to be analyzing their own samples
Airborne aspergillus-penicillium spores

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How long does it take to complete the online mold training course?

The course can be finished within 3 days. However, to make it flexible and convenient to fit into your busy schedule, we don't limit the time you take to complete the course. You can complete the course in 3 days or week if you wish.

How is the online mold training course taught?

The course consists of slide presentations. We have included some audio but you may want to mute the audio and read through the slides. Towards the end of each topic is a quiz. The final score is the average of all the 8 topics.

Are certificates awarded?

Upon successful completion, a certificate is prepared and mailed to the course participant. Be sure to send us your mailing address after you complete the course.

How to register for the course

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