Mold Inspection, Identification and Control Course

The increasing awareness of mold problems in indoor environment has created high demand for mold investigation and inspection services. This course covers mold inspection, identification and mold control. You will learn how to identify and assess mold damage in buildings, how to collect air and bulk samples for laboratory analysis, and the factors that contribute to mold growth. You will also learn how to report on the presence of mold using national standards of practice. Mold (also spelled as mould) can be detected in air, fluids, and bulk materials in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, industrial, agricultural, and other work environments. While this industry is not as yet regulated in most jurisdictions, knowledge of mold is essential for one to be successful in conducting a mold inspection. Participants of this online mold training course can develop a detailed understanding of the methods used to inspect for mold growth in buildings, the different types of samples that may be collected during mold inspection as well as how to interpret laboratory results. Being an online course, it offers flexibility, convenience and is cost effective. The course can benefit commercial and residential property inspectors and public health and environmental health professionals who are involved with mold issues. Building managers, custodians, remediators, contractors, and other professionals who deal with mold problems may also find this course useful.

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